Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Present

Hi all - I'm here amongst the living. Things have been really busy lately, getting all my swaps done so that I can start on making my Christmas cards. In the meantime, I made the two pictures for a present for my lovely sister-in-law. The little boys are my husbands (and hers) Father (Earl) and Uncle Fran. I have always loved the pictures, so does she, and I decided to make something for her with the images. They are two ATC's that are put into a picture frame, that is clear. I created the background using scrap booking paper, and I distressed it along with the colored paper under the ATC's. The background of the ATC is from an old spelling book that I have. Hopefully she will like them.
Hubby has given me the pictures from our vacation, I just have to figure out how to upload from the CD. I will ------
My lovely friend Lou has asked me to fill in on a swap that someone had to drop out of at the last minute, and I said I would. The ladies in the group have given me the most warm welcome that I ever had from any Yahoo group ever. I whole heartily thank them for their kindness. Most groups now seem to be going by the wayside.
Have to get buy and put more of my old Christmas Decorations on E-bay.
Until next time. - Darlene

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