Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well here it is the New Year!!!, and it is freezing outside. At least it's not snowing at the moment, we actually had sunshine for a little while today.
I put this new pic of a charm which I had laying around in my work room. I like this charm quite a bit, and have decided to dust it off.
Hubby and I have decided to loose a little weight, and have been looking into purchasing a WII, with the Fitness program. We have tried it out for a few days, courtesy of his partner at work. I have to say that you really get a good workout with this silly thing. But, it is fun, which makes a big difference.

I thought that my sister-in-law would have really liked the pics that I made for her, but I think not. All she said was she wanted the original pics, which isn't happening. She has family pictures above her stove. There is no way that she is getting these beautiful pictures, and having them damaged that way!!! Someday, when I feel generous, I may give them to her daughter Danielle. But only when I am good and ready to do so.

Oh well - what is the saying, you cannot pick your family------

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