Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wow - been a while since my last post. Been awful busy with family visiting, and work in the gardens. But all in all it has been a wonderful summer. Not enough time to create, but have been trying to do that catch-up thing, and succeeding quite nicely.

I have just returned from our vacation to DisneyWorld, and was it HOT!!!!! in the 90's with high humidity, which made it feel like 115 degrees. Yikes!! But I did manage to survive, and had a truly great time. Our really good friend Jack went with us, and I was so glad to have the time with him, as we don't see enough of him. My hubby was glad also, Jack is his best friend, and has been since college.

I have put pictures of a few ATC's I made for a swap, hope that you like them.

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